A Time Series Data Platform that Delivers

Working with data should be easy.

Deephaven is an end-to-end solution that empowers you to master real-time and historical time series data sets of any size.

Battle-tested for more than five years in capital markets, Deephaven is designed to ensure each domain expert in the enterprise can be self-sufficient, performing their own research and analyses without the usual delays and costs inherent when using intermediaries.

Use Cases

Algo R&D, Machine learning, Trading, Risk management, Surveillance, Analysis, Monitoring, Reporting, UI development, Back office integrations.

Deephaven is the only data platform that combines:

  • Peerless user experience
  • Rock solid time series methods
  • Lightning fast real-time data handling
  • Python, Java, R, C++, C# and AI workflows
  • Embedded access control system
  • Intrinsic data validation
  • Horizontal scaling on commodity hardware
  • Proprietary APIs and third-party integration support
  • Installed on-premise or cloud-based containerized configurations

Deephaven Empowers The Whole Team

People with different roles and skills directly accessing a shared data platform is a good thing. It saves time, fuels innovation, and delivers unpredictable benefits to your team. Explore how Deephaven can empower each member of your team by clicking a role.

Bye-bye bottlenecks.